Monday, 6 May 2013

Sardinian Jewellery

          The 1st May is a big celebration day for Cagliari that honors Sant Efisio in a small church by my house in the neighborhood of Stampace. People from all over Sardinia come to see the statue of the saint that is taken by foot to Pula accompanied by beautiful oxen some 40 km away! On such occasions in Sardinia there is always a parade of traditional costumes and the bigger the celebration the more glamorous it gets. The costumes are all made one by one by hand with the most exquisite fabrics and each region wishes to show off their craft skills and their beautiful women that wear them. But no traditional costume can be complete without accessories so it's the perfect occasion to wear the beautiful handmade gold and silver filigree jewellery that Sardinia is famous for. These pieces are usually inherited or ordered specifically by well skilled goldsmiths.  For me it was the perfect occasion to get a close look at these inspirational pieces and single out the details of a colourful parade, here they are...

Jewellery ...
the more the better


gold filigree earrings with tiny pearls

delicate earrings with pearls
big silver buttons


precious stones and tiny pearls


this is a jewellery piece to clean the the nails and the ears with

the classical sardinian shape inspired by women's breasts

overwhelming colours

a ring with the "eye" of Santa Lucia

Men's details

miniature flutes for men
men's buttons on woolen vests

men's buttons in silver
men's vest

Details on Clothes
simple hadwoven lace

textures and colours

women's vests

shoes to match

as beautiful and shiny as jewewllery

silver and purple always match

beautiful african colours in tha square. it's an occasion for anyone to dress up in their favorite and best costume.

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